iPod Virus

October 19, 2006

Apple Joke

Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus

If RavMonE.exe is a Windows virus, then MacFrz.exe is a big problem that needs attention and no Help site is yet known….

Yesterday I heard from an Apple enterprise customer who had recently bought 80 Macbooks. Ten of them, so far, have had to go back for heat, shut-down or freezing problems. This customer wondered if they were taking a risk buying another 300 of the things. I told them they clearly were, and suggested holding off on the purchase — since, far as I know, Apple has not acknowledged the problem or dealt with it in a serious way. – Doc Searls 

This joke is Zune FUD – the kids at Apple must be sooo scared…

This Virus is spreading throught the blogs , so maybe it’s a Meme, there are over a hundred blogs reporting this as a fact – so where is TechMeme?

Windows virus worms onto some Apple iPods – now TechMeme has found the story seven hours after I blogged about it….

Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak told CNET News.com that the virus was discovered last week and said the company has been working around the clock since then to discover the root cause of the problem. Joswiak said it was traced to a particular Windows machine in the manufacturing lines of a contract manufacturer that builds the iPods for Apple.

Oh, so they use a Windows OS PC to manufacture iPods, why not a Mac?

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