Win a Trip to MIX07

October 28, 2006

IE AddOns
Building AddOns for Internet Explorer Could Net You A Trip To Mix07 and $2500!The IE7 Team wants us to create AddOns and to encourage us they have offered the incentive of a contest, the best AddOn submitted between November 1st 2006 and February 9th 2007 wins a trip to Mix07 in Las Vegas, and $2,500.00 in cash. They hope to get a few Zunes for honorable mentions and maybe they will throw in a song or two.

For some strange reason the IE Team has partnered with IE trash talk Cnet rather then the DotNet community blogs to collect, evaluate and host add-ons for and the contest.

So Cnet is the winner of this contest before we even begin to code thanks to increased web traffic and advertising  revue, way too much of which comes from Microsoft.

Visit the IE AddOns site for a few tips and ideas

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