Hypertext over Typeset

November 29, 2006

What’s a Newspaper?

What would techies do with a newspaper? First, they’d make it all digital

I write in hypertext, newspapers still typeset.

My locial paper has been absorbed by Gannett, they are a big fish in a shrinking pond.

Gannett is a massive media conglomerate without any meaningful web presence.In 1900 NYC had over a hundred newspapers, today there is two and a half.  Radio blossomed in the early twentieth century and many newspapers folded because the advertisers went to Radio to get the attention of consumers.

TV in turn disrupted Radio and the remaining newspapers, people rather see and hear the news rather then just read it.

Now this internet thing is gaining more and more of the advertising dollars and someday the demise of newspapers will be found on a blog post not on a headline.  


Google Answers No More

November 29, 2006

No Answers

Adieu to Google Answers

The people who participated in Google Answers — more than 800 of them over the years — are a passionate group committed to helping people find the information they need, and we applaud them for sharing their incredible knowledge with everyone who wrote in.

This was Google’s foray into the land of user generated content and the answer they got back is it’s not for us. Most of the enthusiasts have gravitated over to the world of Wiki’s where they can pursue whatever agenda is near and dear to their hearts.

We still have Yahoo! Answers, and the new and shiny QnA Live where I participated as a beta tester.

Paul the Man

Its official, I’m the Man, I read it in the newspaper so it must be true, maybe I should call my blog; Paul the Man.

Since I made this video I have been in contact with several members of the League of Woman Voters and the Wyka campaign, so they knew my name, editorial editors are never partisan, are they?

I graduated from Morristown High where I helped establish Radio Station WJSV-FM and played Football.

My only affiliation to the candidates is that I’m a constituent of congressmen Frelinghuysen and he is an embarrassment; the most ineffective member of the 109th Congress, the most ineffective Congress in history.

Tom Wyka is an IT guy, we need more technology savvy people in our government.

Click To Play

The video tells the true story in contrast to the newspaper account four days after the Forum, it wasn’t a debate as the incumbent refuses to debate anyone or to be recorded anywhere. A newspaper photographer can be seen three times on the video, yet no photo appered in the paper and no mention of the Forum the day after or on Sunday. 

I have 49 minutes of the 60 minute Forum, it’s unedited, recorded openly, hosted on my site and it was halted in violation of the United States Constitution.