Hypertext over Typeset

November 29, 2006

What’s a Newspaper?

What would techies do with a newspaper? First, they’d make it all digital

I write in hypertext, newspapers still typeset.

My locial paper has been absorbed by Gannett, they are a big fish in a shrinking pond.

Gannett is a massive media conglomerate without any meaningful web presence.In 1900 NYC had over a hundred newspapers, today there is two and a half.  Radio blossomed in the early twentieth century and many newspapers folded because the advertisers went to Radio to get the attention of consumers.

TV in turn disrupted Radio and the remaining newspapers, people rather see and hear the news rather then just read it.

Now this internet thing is gaining more and more of the advertising dollars and someday the demise of newspapers will be found on a blog post not on a headline.  


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