Google East

December 31, 2006

Google NYC

Can Google Come Out to Play?

The answer is NO; the NYC Googlers are never present at NYC Tech community events.

I’m active in several User Groups in NYC and we are very social and talkative, but I have yet to meet anyone there who says I work for Google, or I just got hired by Google.

I went to a Google Recruitment Event last year, but most of the Googlers I spoke with were the California variety and they were looking for people to move out there.

As a native New Yorker when I read stories that don’t have any context to this great city I have to speak-up – the area where Google NYC is located is the old warehouse district adjacent to what were the Docks of the Port of New York, the mighty container ships now call to Port Newark across the river in NJ.


Apple Misconduct

December 30, 2006

No Misconduct

Apple Panel on Options Backs Chief

So the iPanel backs their iChief and everything is iOK.

The Edelman blogolia scandal continues to suck most of the blogmospheric oxygen as the Mac fateful prepares to convene in San Francisco next week.

Apple’s conclusion of No Misconduct sounds like Edelman PR baloney; throughout the entire Vista laptop episode they have not made a single public announcement, so much for the Me2Revolution.

I spoke to Aaron Coldiron from the Windows team yesterday about the selection of bloggers that received Vista laptops and he kept repeating the mantra community, but look at my blog-roll not one legitimate blogger in the Microsoft developer community received recognition nor did any Windows Vista beta tester.

Aaron referred me to Adam Anderson, but he didn’t answer the phone. I did read a quote from Rick Murray Edelman’s Me2Guy that roughly 90 laptops were given away and that this stunt was linked to the Bill Gates meetup.

Steve Jobs backdated stock options and next week he will address his followers on the Vista laptop folly and by then Edelman will have moved on.It appears as if Jobs is playing the role of a monkey: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If he truly were fulfilling his role as C.E.O., it is highly questionable as to why he didn’t know about such poor management and oversight of the option granting process.  – Lynn E. Turner, a former chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Zeitgest Top Ten

December 29, 2006

Top Googles

How we came up with year-end Zeitgeist data

The Googlers like to call their year end Top 10 list Zeitgeist is the spirit of time.  Sex and Games have always been the top searches, but the Googlers filter the results and come-up with their lists of top searches on for 2006,

As far as the wisdom of crowds goes we’re are very peculiar bunch, I had to laugh at the where is inquires for Villanova and

In several categories there are duplicates and some triplicate search strings preventing any or all of the Edelman scandals from making the top ten in the Scandals column.

There is a Jerseys column, but there must be a Google glitch here, where is New Jersey and how about the Scarlet Knights?

Edelman and Scandal

December 28, 2006

Send Me a Mac

Now Microsoft Wants Its Laptop Back

Yesterdays breaking news was not the Rotten Apple stock scandal it was the free Vista laptops sent out to a bunch of bloggers who could only managed to write about the box opening experience and the color of the laptop. Not one word was published yesterday about the Windows Vista OS, not one.

Looking at some of the blogs rewarded with a free laptop I didn’t see one blogging on ASP.Net software and not a single beta tester among them. 

This stunt has Edelman scandal written all over it, but the Windows Vista Team, AMD and Acer must have been involved. For every action there is a reaction and that’s what we will read about today – another day without a word about Windows Vista.

If any of you know Steve Job’s tell him to just send me a Mac and I’ll do what I can to help him out of this rotten Apple stock scandal.

WSJ Asks

December 27, 2006

Bubble Bubble

Is ‘Web 2.0’ Another Bubble?

A link to the WSJ today,  giving us a peak into their walled garden of useless conservative information. The WSJ doesn’t know if Web 2.0 is a bubble, so they don’t answer their own question – would you pay these guys for information?

There is a Google bubble gentleman and you read it here for FREE, I don’t charge my subscribers for tidbits of raw informational power.

Google is generating profit from advertising; this is the same mode that made Newspapers, Magazines. Radio and TV profitable businesses in their day.

Google search is social, the internet is people and blogs are the expressed views and desires of people. People form communities and nurture relationships to help us all sustain life.

VC’s and investors want profit from our social arrangements, place a yoke around our necks and have us perform the menial tasks of User Generated content. LOL

Christmas Grinch

December 26, 2006

Journalist Attack

Flaws Are Detected in Microsoft’s Vista

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 24 — Microsoft is facing an early crisis of confidence in the quality of its Windows Vista operating system as computer security researchers and hackers have begun to find potentially serious flaws in the system that was released to corporate customers late last month.

Johnny Markoff tried to play the Grinch that stole Christmas as he published what is hopefully his finial chicken little dispatch of the year. 

I don’t know who his hacker friends are, but the’re not getting access to my machine and corporate firewalls should keep them out.

In a constantly changing threat environment, static or reactive security leads to damage from hacker attacks, and data theft. Security is dynamic and an ongoing service is required to keep up with emerging and unknown threats. Determina’s Security Advisory Service provides VPS customers with real-time and ongoing advisories, updates and configuration advice against emerging threats and attacks. – How about Johnny Markoff Christmas eve chicken little attacks?

Windows RSS

December 22, 2006


Microsoft’s “Content syndication platform” Patent

We’ve know about Microsoft’s Windows RSS Platform for over a year now, it’s an important component of Windows Live! Now it appears that they have applied for a US Patent. The members of the RSS Team are not clamming to have invented RSS Syndication, Patents are like bowling trophies at Microsoft.

Microsoft will never charge us for feeds, information has to flow freely. RSS was pioneered at internet start-up Netscape as a way of creating your own newspaper and now that vision has become our reality.

Google What?

December 21, 2006

Google Wigets

Google Search API?

In my mind, this is a significant step backwards. – Don Box

The Google AJAX Search API a clean brake from SOAP Web Services to AJAX Wigdets. 

We all know that Microsoft and IBM have been moving towards a future that’s all about XML Web Services.

Imbedding a little Wiget or Gadget on a your Web page will help Google earn more money from advertisers, but will they share some of that income with you? 

FUD Watch

December 20, 2006

Vista Security

Windows Vista and protection from malware

Sophos sells anti-virus software and fear. In a recent report that cited 10 threats to the new Windows Vista Operating System they concluded with a link to buy their software.

Jim Allchin himself looked into this FUD:

In order to understand what was really going on here, I asked the team to go look at the technical facts behind the story, and that started in the lab.  We began by observing first-hand how these various forms of malware affect a Windows Vista system using a machine that was configured with the default settings and without any additional security software.  What we found was that if you are using only the software in Windows Vista (e.g., Windows Mail and no add-on security software), then you are immune to all ten of the malware threats that Sophos cited.

In the past few weeks we have heard apocalyptic statements being made about Windows Vista as the Launch date approaches they are going to get louder and more vengeful, but thankfully we have Jim and Windows Vista Team Blog.

XNA Universe

December 19, 2006

XNA Development

Building killer Games using .NET and XNA Game Studio Express

XNA relies on a version of the .NET Compact Framework CLR that we ported to run on PowerPC chips (the XBOX 360 ships with a 3-core PowerPC CPU).  For a killer demo that will impress your friends, install XNA Express, load up the built-in “SpaceWar” C# starter kit template, customize it, deploy it to the XBOX 360, run it and dazzle them with the graphics, and then set a breakpoint within your C# code in Visual Studio and show hitting the breakpoint and stepping through it in a live debug session against the XBOX 360 as you are playing the game.  Pretty cool.

Game development in managed C# this is cool – you no longer have to be a C++ developer to create games.XNA on MSDN

XNA Development

XNA on Channel9     The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE