Vista is Innovation

December 2, 2006

Innovation at Work

Microsoft Vista: Companies Can Wait

McGraw-Hill is an old media company that still thinks in terms of paper, bindings and shipping boxes.

Reading the Press reports of the Business Launch of Windows Vista, 2007 Office System and Exchange Server 2007 it’s apparent they were written by people who are resistant to change.

Increased productivity and collaboration with easy access to information will lead to innovation in many different fields of endeavor.

Big businesses with volume licensing agreements with Microsoft will be upgrading to Windows Vista as they refresh every laptop in the field. The Teams that move early to Windows Vista will be more productive and in business a competitive advantage is always an incentive.

Scientific research, business analytics, economic speculation, entertainment and media have all reaped tremendous benefits thanks to the digitization of information and the innovation is just begining.

The Windows Vista era has arrived, blow out your candles old media, the internet is lit by lightning.


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