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December 8, 2006

Jon Udell is Assimilated

A conversation with Jon Udell about his new job with Microsoft

I’ve met Jon Udell, he’s a Tech guy one of only a handful in the journalistic space. Jon covered internet stuff for the B2B InfoWorld, XML, Web Services, RSS and collaboration – coincidently these are now all components of Microsoft’s 2007 Office System.

I recall Jon’s interview with Bill Gates at the PDC, but most of the time hes avoided writing about Microsoft as in today’s interview with himself without a mention of Windows Vista.

Jon Udell is leaving InfoWorld and Joining My Team At Microsoft

Hiring such a well respected Tech guy is a great move by Jeff Sandquist and a good move for Jon as he is now placed at the nexus between open source, OSX and Microsoft.

Jeff Sandquist scores one for MicrosoftSilicon Valley native Robert Scoble got lots of attention at this crossroad as he rose to blogosphere superstardom.


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