XNA Universe

December 19, 2006

XNA Development

Building killer Games using .NET and XNA Game Studio Express

XNA relies on a version of the .NET Compact Framework CLR that we ported to run on PowerPC chips (the XBOX 360 ships with a 3-core PowerPC CPU).  For a killer demo that will impress your friends, install XNA Express, load up the built-in “SpaceWar” C# starter kit template, customize it, deploy it to the XBOX 360, run it and dazzle them with the graphics, and then set a breakpoint within your C# code in Visual Studio and show hitting the breakpoint and stepping through it in a live debug session against the XBOX 360 as you are playing the game.  Pretty cool.

Game development in managed C# this is cool – you no longer have to be a C++ developer to create games.XNA on MSDN

XNA Development

XNA on Channel9     The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE


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