FUD Watch

December 20, 2006

Vista Security

Windows Vista and protection from malware

Sophos sells anti-virus software and fear. In a recent report that cited 10 threats to the new Windows Vista Operating System they concluded with a link to buy their software.

Jim Allchin himself looked into this FUD:

In order to understand what was really going on here, I asked the team to go look at the technical facts behind the story, and that started in the lab.  We began by observing first-hand how these various forms of malware affect a Windows Vista system using a machine that was configured with the default settings and without any additional security software.  What we found was that if you are using only the software in Windows Vista (e.g., Windows Mail and no add-on security software), then you are immune to all ten of the malware threats that Sophos cited.

In the past few weeks we have heard apocalyptic statements being made about Windows Vista as the Launch date approaches they are going to get louder and more vengeful, but thankfully we have Jim and Windows Vista Team Blog.


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