WSJ Asks

December 27, 2006

Bubble Bubble

Is ‘Web 2.0’ Another Bubble?

A link to the WSJ today,  giving us a peak into their walled garden of useless conservative information. The WSJ doesn’t know if Web 2.0 is a bubble, so they don’t answer their own question – would you pay these guys for information?

There is a Google bubble gentleman and you read it here for FREE, I don’t charge my subscribers for tidbits of raw informational power.

Google is generating profit from advertising; this is the same mode that made Newspapers, Magazines. Radio and TV profitable businesses in their day.

Google search is social, the internet is people and blogs are the expressed views and desires of people. People form communities and nurture relationships to help us all sustain life.

VC’s and investors want profit from our social arrangements, place a yoke around our necks and have us perform the menial tasks of User Generated content. LOL


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