Edelman and Scandal

December 28, 2006

Send Me a Mac

Now Microsoft Wants Its Laptop Back

Yesterdays breaking news was not the Rotten Apple stock scandal it was the free Vista laptops sent out to a bunch of bloggers who could only managed to write about the box opening experience and the color of the laptop. Not one word was published yesterday about the Windows Vista OS, not one.

Looking at some of the blogs rewarded with a free laptop I didn’t see one blogging on ASP.Net software and not a single beta tester among them. 

This stunt has Edelman scandal written all over it, but the Windows Vista Team, AMD and Acer must have been involved. For every action there is a reaction and that’s what we will read about today – another day without a word about Windows Vista.

If any of you know Steve Job’s tell him to just send me a Mac and I’ll do what I can to help him out of this rotten Apple stock scandal.


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