Zeitgest Top Ten

December 29, 2006

Top Googles

How we came up with year-end Zeitgeist data

The Googlers like to call their year end Top 10 list Zeitgeist is the spirit of time.  Sex and Games have always been the top searches, but the Googlers filter the results and come-up with their lists of top searches on Google.com for 2006,

As far as the wisdom of crowds goes we’re are very peculiar bunch, I had to laugh at the where is inquires for Villanova and com.au.

In several categories there are duplicates and some triplicate search strings preventing any or all of the Edelman scandals from making the top ten in the Scandals column.

There is a Jerseys column, but there must be a Google glitch here, where is New Jersey and how about the Scarlet Knights?


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