Apple Misconduct

December 30, 2006

No Misconduct

Apple Panel on Options Backs Chief

So the iPanel backs their iChief and everything is iOK.

The Edelman blogolia scandal continues to suck most of the blogmospheric oxygen as the Mac fateful prepares to convene in San Francisco next week.

Apple’s conclusion of No Misconduct sounds like Edelman PR baloney; throughout the entire Vista laptop episode they have not made a single public announcement, so much for the Me2Revolution.

I spoke to Aaron Coldiron from the Windows team yesterday about the selection of bloggers that received Vista laptops and he kept repeating the mantra community, but look at my blog-roll not one legitimate blogger in the Microsoft developer community received recognition nor did any Windows Vista beta tester.

Aaron referred me to Adam Anderson, but he didn’t answer the phone. I did read a quote from Rick Murray Edelman’s Me2Guy that roughly 90 laptops were given away and that this stunt was linked to the Bill Gates meetup.

Steve Jobs backdated stock options and next week he will address his followers on the Vista laptop folly and by then Edelman will have moved on.It appears as if Jobs is playing the role of a monkey: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If he truly were fulfilling his role as C.E.O., it is highly questionable as to why he didn’t know about such poor management and oversight of the option granting process.  – Lynn E. Turner, a former chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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