NOT Blogger Ethics

January 2, 2007

Ethics 101

Why bash Microsoft and not Nokia?
I worked in Rock’en Roll Radio for eight years and I don’t think there is a DJ today who has the freedom I had back in the day. I used to get taken out to dinner by record reps and I got into every club in New Orleans to listen to d’music, but I never played a song that I didn’t want to hear and people listened to my show because they liked what I played.  

Another day has passed without a word from Edelman PR about their crude attempt to control the blogosphere, this is not about blogger ethics.

We all know that if you blog Bill Gates’s pants fell down you will have more page views and trackbacks then anyone who blogs a solution to a technological problem. 

The unethical bloggers are easy to spot, they’re the ones who blog about how ethical they are and how much money they make. The best analogy I can think of is 15 year old boys talking about all the woman they have had.   

The root problem here is the Windows Vista Team was so insular they didn’t know who their friends were so they had to hire a PR firm to find some.


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