Vista’s Trajectory

January 4, 2007

Hardware is Evolving

The Intuitive Life Business Blog

Hardware is evolving Windows Vista’s trajectory is correct, it’s about the next generation of personal computers. Dave Taylor should have read my blog posts, this entire screw-up was the dirty work of Edelman, they clotheslined Microsoft and left them out to dry.

Many of those bloggers who received laptops were associated with other Edelman campaigns and clients. Steve Rubel has been obfuscating and hiding under a rock all week. Dave’s figure of $150,000 didn’t include Edelman’s fee and the good will it bought them with a few bloggers who may be called upon in another Edelman campaigns..

The big winner of this entire episode has been Apple Computers, everyone has forgotten about the investigations and Steve Jobs now has something funny to say at his Keynote next week


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