Party at CES

January 6, 2007

30 Days of Innovation

Companies Pay Dearly for Tech Trade Show

The event, known in the industry as C.E.S., provides more than $80 million in revenue for the Consumer Electronics Association, an industry trade group and lobbyist. It has thrived even as Comdex, the computer industry show that once held sway here, went bust. And it is a windfall for a booming city. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority estimates that 140,000 attendees and 2,700 exhibiting companies will pump about $230 million into the city economy this year, 40 percent more than the show generated in 2001.I’m here in Las Vegas, the playground for people who don’t know how to make their own fun. The convention business is booming here as no other American city has the economic advantage of scores of undocumented workers living in the depths of their basements. Gambling is a sideshow now; this town is about Hotel rooms, big shows and food.


I expect the unexpected at CES, with thousands of companies from all around the world exhibiting new products and making countless announcements there is bound to be a few new things to get very excited about.

Let’s get this party started…..


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