Apple and the Law

January 13, 2007

Cisco Answers

More Answers on Cisco iPhone Trademark Issue

First, a very brief recap. Our property (the iPhone trademark) is being used without our permission. We filed suit to stop this. It is as simple as that.Now, to clarify some questions that are out there:

1) Has Cisco maintained its rights to the iPhone trademark? Cisco has used its iPhone trademark in all ways necessary to maintain it and keep it valid. We are not a litigious company, but we will act when our property is used without our permission.

The Apple faithful need a reality check, we all use Cisco routers and less then 10% of us have ever owned an Apple computer or iPod..

Cisco has a blog and they are communicating in a human voice, Apple is silent as always. I wrote to Apple PR once and they sent me a statement from Microsoft.

Apple has crossed a line this time and can’t reinvented the Trademark laws.


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