Software Choise

January 14, 2007

Pay iTunes

Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs

DRM has yet to be a problem for me as I listen to Jazz ripped from CD’s remastered from the original recordings that like myself are from in NYC in the ‘50’s. I have never owned an Apple computer because you can’t take them apart and put them back together. Since I was three years old I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together, that’s how I learn how machines work.

I used a Mac just last week in the BlogHaus, Doc Searls say’s he uses a Mac just because it works. They do work fine, without any significant performance improvement from my Windows Vista laptop.

I use software from many different ISV’s, but Mac users have very little if any choice when it comes to software programs. In 1991 I visited the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic the CCCP and there was very little choice when it came to consumer products. Apple reminds me of this when they say here is Browser, oh you have photos, here is iPhoto, you want music, pay iTunes.


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