Expectations and Experience

January 15, 2007

Edelman Experience Index

Setting Expectations

Few seemed to have noticed Richard Edelman’s Friday afternoon before a three day weekend post about his PR firm’s diabolical involving handing out laptops paid for by Microsoft, AMD and Acer to current and prospective clients and associates.

Plain and simple it’s wrong for Edelman PR to boast they can deliver the blogisphere for their clients campaigns.

Microsoft has given hardware, software and SWAG to influencers in the community many times in the past as has AMD, but it was never done so publicly and clumsily before. What set off the laptops for bloggers scandal was the appearance that Microsoft was bribing bloggers and Edelman stood idly by as the flames burned.

Sending Mac zealots Windows loaded PC’s is analogous to sending the iconography of one religion to devotees of another; blasphemy!

The truth is Edelman’s Me2Revolution Team is attempting to assemble a stable of bloggers who will be useful to them in future campaigns and this has been done at Microsoft’s expence.

AMD lent a few Ferrari laptops to the BlogHaus at CES and I checked out their Windows Experience Index, it was 2.8. How are you going to persuade anyone that Windows Vista is a great OS without a GPU optimized for DirectX 10? 


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