Microsoft’s Medstory

February 26, 2007

Intuitive Med Search

Microsoft Demonstrates Further Commitment to Healthcare Market With Planned Acquisition of Web Search Company

According to an October 2006 study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project,
8 million people in the United States go online for health information every day, and 53 percent of health-seekers said a recent search had an impact on how they take care of themselves or someone else. Yet 22 percent of respondents said they felt frustrated by a lack of information or an inability to find what they were looking for.

Microsoft is improving Live search by acquisition again and I hope this helps.

Medstory’s intuitive technology designed to improve access to health information and empower consumers to make better-informed health decisions.

Anything that keeps you away from Doctors is a good thing, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, get plenty of exercise and go to thirty times a day.



February 26, 2007

Contextual Ads

An Ad Upstart Forces Google to Open Up a Little

Contextual ads generated about $2 billion in revenue last year, in the trade they are called CPC ads. CPM ads have earned much more revenue, but remember that blogs depend on an audience that subscribes via an RSS Reader, if you read a blogs feed you will never see their CPM ads, yet the big money blogs say they are getting subscribers and page-views.

Google Office

February 22, 2007

Google Apps

Google Introduces New Business Version of Popular Hosted Applications

New! Google Apps Premier Edition  – Free trial until April 30th

Google today introduced Google Apps Premier Edition, a new version of Google’s hosted services for communication and collaboration designed for businesses of all sizes. Google Apps Premier Edition is available for $50 per user account per year, and includes phone support, additional storage, and a new set of administration and business integration capabilities.

I’m a Microsoft Partner and I use Google Apps on my company site and it’s a good service, but I’m not giving up Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Do you think Apple Computer would put their corporate information up on the web where it might be hacked?

How do you write something when you don’t have network connectivity?

The next time you go to Google Search you may have to wait three seconds and you’ll wonder if their network can handle all this new traffic.

Our Phone

February 22, 2007

iPhone, uPhone

Cisco and Apple Reach Agreement on iPhone Trademark

The Silicon Valley faithful are mum this morning, no one is digging for the truth to this story. I’m going to guess that a big institutional investor that has a huge stake in both companies stepped in and explained the forces of the universe to them.

Vista x64 WHQL Drivers

February 21, 2007

Nvidia Windows Vista 64 WHQL Drivers

ForceWare Release 100
Version: 100.65
Release Date: February 20, 2007
WHQL Driver

NVIDIA is committed to supporting Microsoft Windows Vista on current and previous GPU generations. It’s important to us that you have an excellent experience through the Vista transition, and driver development is the highest priority in our company.

I’ve been waiting for Nvidia 64bit video drivers for over three years…..I enrolled in the 64bit Windows Vista beta program, but never could get my video card to work….

Vista Deployment Tools

February 21, 2007

Free Deployment Tools

Microsoft Delivers Final Versions of Free Deployment Tools for Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced the availability of six new deployment tools that will help expedite businesses’ migration to Windows Vista.  

Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007,
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0,
Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 1.0, 
Volume Activation Management Tool,
Key Management Service for Windows Server 2003

Today I attended the forth NYC Windows Vista Launch, now we are all ready to get to work.

Everything is Connected

February 19, 2007

Digital Communications

Amazing video created by Michael Wesch, PhD,

For me, cultural anthropology is a continuous exercise in expanding my mind and my empathy, building primarily from one simple principle: everything is connected. This is true on many levels. First, everything including the environment, technology, economy, social structure, politics, religion, art and more are all interconnected. As I tried to illustrate in the video, this means that a change in one area (such as the way we communicate) can have a profound effect on everything else, including family, love, and our sense of being itself.

Michael is from Kansas, that place we all fly over on the way from New York to California….

A Brief Interview with Michael Wesch (The Creator of That Wonderful Video…)

Dell is Listening

February 17, 2007


Turning Up the Volume of Customer Voice

Michael Dell unveiled two new components of digital media strategy yesterday at a statewide education conference in Texas: Dell IdeaStorm and new functionality in StudioDell that will allow users to upload their own video testimonial.

At CES Michael Dell was very open to ideas about community and now his company has launched their own Channel9.

Vista Sales

February 16, 2007

I Love Windows Vista

Microsoft Plays Down a Sales Lift From Vista

It sure appeared that majority of Windows Vista reviews were written on Mac’s.
Edelman PR convinced Microsoft that they understood bloggers and social media, but their plan to seed influencers backfired. 

Channel9 has a gaping security hole that lets anybody create a thousand user names and over the past month every other thread has been Vista ate my homework or Vista Killed My Cat.

The Windows Vista Team has several community guys who don’t blog or read blogs and their community bloggers quickly learned that a Vista Sucks title gets way more hits and Digg’s then I Love Windows Vista!

Engaging the Community

February 15, 2007

Yahoo Gallery

It takes two to Tango

Yahoo is engaging the community and that is always a good thing.

Funny to see how the Digg Mob is as mad as the Slashdot crowd about anything new.

I particularly like the new Yahoo Gallery, it’s the Yahoo Developer Network’s Channel9 and great way to communicate to the Dev Teams at Yahoo.