ADO.Net Entity Framework

April 29, 2007

Data Access Strategy

ADO.NET Entity Framework Update

Right on the heals of the .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 1 release comes this news:

Microsoft is deepening its investment in the ADO.NET Entity Framework as a critical piece of Microsoft’s Data Platform vision. Based on the need to align with requirements from key internal partners that are building on the Entity Framework, along with the need for a better tool experience, we have decided to ship the ADO.NET Entity Framework and Tools during the first half of 2008 as an update to the Orcas release of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. We will continue to ship CTPs and Betas of the ADO.NET Entity Framework that align with Orcas throughout the remainder of this year.


Windows Server Beta

April 26, 2007

Longhorn Server Beta

Build your business on a solid foundation
The next generation of the Windows Server operating system helps organizations maximize control over their server infrastructure with new management and configuration tools, task automation, and enhanced diagnostics. Security and reliability are also improved with hardened services and policy-based network access protection.
Download Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” Public Beta

Emerging Markets

April 19, 2007

Achieving Full Potential

Microsoft Announces Commitment to Promote Sustained Social and Economic Opportunity for the Next 5 Billion People

All human beings deserve a chance to achieve their full potentialBill Gates

Microsoft today unveiled a new commitment to help close the digital divide by creating new products and programs that will help bring social and economic opportunity to the estimated 5 billion people who are not yet realizing the benefits of technology.

The Crawlers are Coming

April 18, 2007

Robots Dot TXT

Requesting removal of content from our index

I was going to post last week about how I felt out of place at Search Engine Strategies among all the suites, ties and high heals. Then I went to the session on robots.txt, where not only was the panel authoritative, the audience was composed of webmasters and mistresses from all over the world. A geekfest ensued as comments and feedback flowed fast and furious.

Vanessa Fox was sitting across from me and was an active participant even though she wasn’t on the panel and she’s a good listener as the Google Webmaster blog attests.

PC Design Challenge

April 17, 2007

Intel PC Design Challenge

Intel Names Winners Of Million-Dollar PC Design Challenge

The Intel Core Processor Challenge, a contest designed to spur industry innovation in new, stylish and high-performing PC designs based on the Intel Viiv processor technology featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processors.TriGem Computer Inc. from Korea was awarded the grand prize for creating the best mix of style, acoustics, functionality and features for digital home entertainment with the company’s Home Theater Lluon “Black Crystal” design 

Intel is passionate about helping making sure home computers evolve to become as sleek and fashionable on the outside as the level of performance and innovation Intel processors provide on the inside. Intel continues to evolve PC technology, making PCs ever more powerful and energy efficient, and we hope contests like this inspire others in the industry to match our aggressive pace of innovation.Eric Kim, VP, Intel’s Digital Home Group

Microsoft Silverlight

April 16, 2007


Introducing Microsoft Silverlight

It is with tremendous pleasure that I can reveal Microsoft Silverlight: our next-generation, cross-platform, cross-browser web client runtime. Silverlight (previously codenamed “WPF/E”) is a lightweight subset of XAML for building rich media experiences on the web.

I was at a Partner event at Microsoft’s NYC office on Friday and an old friend was hinting about this, saying he was getting all these emails from Redmond, but he could not say a word because the announcement would be made at MIX07.

Silverlight supports playback of WMV files on both PC and the Mac, what is Adobe going to do?

The Cookie King

April 13, 2007

Cookie Cash

Google Buys DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion

DoubleClick has served more cookies then Nabisco and Keabler combined and now they have sold all those valuable crumbs of information about you and me to Google for $3.1 billion in cold cash.

Google says their not evil, but DubleClick certainly is. I spent the week at Search Engine Strategies in NYC and met with DubleClick at their booth, they were all in suites, ties and high heals.

Literally as this announcement was made I was at a session on AJAX listening to Google engineers talking about crawling practices.

Newspaper Manners

April 9, 2007

Nasty PR

A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs

This morning in the center of page one of my morning newspaper was a story about those nasty bloggers. Blame the bloggers has been old medias agenda and anyone who agrees with them gets mentioned.

I’d like to see a cable tv psycho analysis round table discussion about bloggers who want to be the story.

I want to know how the Web 2.0 conference got prominently mentioned in the NYTimes again just days before it begins, that’s a PR coup.

Dale Doherty coined the Web 2.0 term, not Timmy and will the NYTimes print a retraction now that I’ve checked their facts?

I’ve talked to Heather Armstrong about negative comments on the Internet, she told me about the woman who love to hate her, but the NYTimes calls them visitors.

Ray Speaks

April 5, 2007

Ray Ozzie’s Connected Software

The Man Who Would Change Microsoft: Ray Ozzie’s Vision for Connected Software

Hack is not a four-letter word

We have a tremendous number of users of our products. We have a tremendous number of users who haven’t paid for those products and there are a tremendous number of people who have yet to touch our products that might find them to be of value.The Internet increasingly touches everyone in some way, shape or form. Some people view these technology transitions as a threat, I view them as a market expansion opportunity.

vPro on the Go

April 5, 2007

Centrino Pro

Intel Serves Up ‘Pro’ To Go

Under a new brand called Intel Centrino Pro processor technology, Intel announced it will extend its innovative and popular features designed for desktop business PCs called Intel vPro processor technology into its forthcoming high-performance laptop offering.

IT departments will now be able to manage both desktops and notebooks — and do so wirelessly.

Intel Centrino Pro processor technology brings the best of our offering with Intel vPro processor technology and adds it right into our highly successful Intel Centrino brand for laptops,Mooly Eden, VP of Intel Mobile Products Group

Businesses have quickly recognized the significant potential time and cost savings from the manageability features of Intel vPro processor technology, and are rapidly deploying the technology.

Windows Vista Business along with vPro have increased the productivity of IT departments everywhere, Network Admins are now sleeping better.