Digital News Initiative

May 13, 2007

The Digital Future

Tilting at a Digital Future

I pass by 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City often and every time I notice two or more members of NYPD there.  Rupey Murdoch’s empire earns billions of dollars and the good people of NY have to sacrifice their hard earned tax dollars to protect his media headquarters because of it’s provocative views.

His business is privatized, government propaganda; that’s all the company essentially does – Bruce Page

The story in today’s NYTimes is of a News Corp meeting a ten days ago in Monterey California for a Digital News Initiative and as this meeting concluded a digital story appeared in the NY Post about MSFT acquiring YHOO. This manufactured bit of news was linked to like a California wild fire causing a rise in the share price of YHOO.

Mr. Murdoch perked up when discussing the online potential of The New York Post, which has consistently lost money since he acquired it.

Looks like they have found a new revenue stream and maybe members of the SEC should be placed at 1211 Avenue of the Americas from now on.


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