The CLR Everywhere

May 25, 2007

The Windows CLR

Sanjay Parthasarathy runs the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, the vacuum created by his silence will be filled by harmful speculation and MSFT will fall below 30 before the NASDAQ bell sounds this afternoon.

Let’s focuse on the future of the Microsoft platform, I learned enough at the MEDC to know that we’re moving to managed code. At MIX07 we learned that the CLR and managed code will now run in the browser, so clearly the next logical step is to have the CLR run inside Windows.

Anyone who thinks that managed code is not fast enough for Windows wasn’t at the Intel Developer conference back in March. We have dual core processors on our laptops today, in a year we’ll have quad core and soon after eight core.

Multi-core, multi-threaded managed code is our developer platform destiny.


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