People Ready

June 24, 2007

People Make The Difference

For me the most amusing aspect of the latest blogging scandal is that nether Arrington or Malik could answer the simple question – what does People Ready Buisness mean?
In an era where some see technology as a force that promises to make people subservient to highly structured or automated processes, Microsoft sees a better way to unlock the potential of every person. Systems can only create efficiency: It is people who create value.

People Make the Difference


MS Mediaroom

June 18, 2007

Microsoft Mediaroom

Microsoft is renaming its IPTV platform Microsoft Mediaroom to better reflect the broader set of new connected entertainment experiences made possible today and the types of experiences anticipated in the future. In addition, the Microsoft Mediaroom name and identity are designed to be used by service providers as an ingredient brand to create a powerful competitive differentiator to support their consumer marketing activities.

Building upon existing Microsoft IPTV features, such as enhanced digital video recording, video on demand, high-definition television and instant channel zapping, the Microsoft Mediaroom platform introduces the following:

  Personal media sharing. This enables consumers to easily listen to digital music and view digital photographs stored on PCs elsewhere in the home on the best screen in the house: the television.

 Enhanced MultiView capabilities. These allow consumers to see multiple channels, programs and camera angles on one screen.

Will Microsoft be offering Partners access to their Mediaroom service soon? Many of us are producing videos now and distribution into so many homes would be incredible.

So now ISV’s need to start writing  compelling applications to run on the platform as we also create content that people want to see.

Software Patents

June 18, 2007

Ubuntu Bobo

My goal is to carry free software forward as far as I can, and then to help others take the baton to carry it further.

It’s true, Microsoft does have a few software patents, but IBM has lots more and HP does too. This game won’t be over till the fat lady sings and by fat lady I mean the company that developed UNIX in Murray Hill New Jersey, AT&T.

Lindows on Windows

June 14, 2007

Linspire Interop

Microsoft and Linspire Collaboration Promotes Interoperability and Customer Choice

Microsoft and Linux desktop provider Linspire aka Lindows announced a broad interoperability, technical collaboration that also includes intellectual property assurances. The agreement promotes customer choice and strengthens the bridge between the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Delivering interoperable solutions for our customers is an important priority. Through our ongoing collaborative relationships with commercial open source companies, we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering the value and increased interoperability customers want. Covering features from document formats to instant messaging and digital media, our announcement today with Linspire is an important step for our mutual customers.Bill Hilf, GM Platform Strategy at Microsoft.

Another one bites the dust, but interoperability is so important in our connected enterprises we need more agreements and less lawyers.

Safari Does Windows

June 12, 2007

Safari Shot Down

I watched Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote on a tiny little QuickTime screen early this morning.

It began with the Windows guy doing a good Fake Steve, big news about Harry Potter available on a MAC and OSX gets a downloads file! 

George Washington and Steve Ballmer make cameo appearances as did the Windows XP Bliss screen shot and solitaire. The big news was about Safari for Windows, but that was exploited before Steve got out his iPhone.

Google Knows You

June 11, 2007

Target Google

Google remembers everything you ever searched for, but is the sum total of all your searches who you are?

I don’t like the fact that Google retains so much information about me, so I log-off my GMail account after checking my messages. Google isn’t selling or giving access to that precious information to anyone, so to say they have a bad record on privacy is a misnomer.

Information about you and me is being acclimated in data bases scattered throughout the world by Visa, Master Card and many other questionable corporations. The day the NSA, FBI or IRS needs to find out more about you, they only need a Judges signature to assemble it all.

Google Spyware

June 10, 2007

Default Google Toolbar

Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept.

Google has accused Microsoft of designing its latest operating system, Vista, to discourage the use of Google’s desktop search program

As a System Builder I’m often installing Windows Vista and XP OS’s on laptops and desktops. SUN Microsystem’s Jave doesn’t come with Windows so I need to download their latest build from their company website. In my short stay there they take every chance to promote SUN products and services, but I only need the FREE download of JAVA. The Google Toolbar is included in the default download of jAVA, you need to be careful and uncheck the Google Toolbar box twice.

Next I need to download Adobe Systems FLASH player, here too you need to uncheck the Google Toolbar or else you’ll find it installed on your browser. How about Adobe Acrobat? Yes there again you will get the Google Toolbar if you are not attentive enough to uncheck the little box..

Google has rewarded SUN and Adobe nicely to include their intrusive spyware Toolbar as the default download associated with their popular Web products, so why doesn’t Google come to an agreement with Microsoft?