Two Scott’s

July 22, 2007

Dotnet Developer Songs

When I last spoke to Scott Guthrie he told me he was going to FOO Camp, where the most interesting and imaginative people in the software industry meet. I now have this image of Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman sitting round the camp fire into the wee hours of the night singing dotnet developer songs….

Scott Hanselman announced last night that he is going to work for Scott to possibly collaborate on many more dotnet developer songs. Scott Hanselman is one of the best software technology speakers and the most underrated blogger in the business. Scott Guthrie has to be the most authoritative blogger around, as his Team creates new and exciting technologies he is able to articulate all the complexities in very simple terms.

Two Scott’s with the respect and admiration of the dotnet developer community will¬†greatly help inspire and create many cool new applications and solutions.


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