Evolving Microsoft PR

August 30, 2007

Evolving Windows Platform

Yesterday the Windows Vista Team blog had the official announcement about SP1 and now a day later the PR Team rolls into action.

Microsoft PR has yet to respond to the WGA worldwide glitch last weekend, luckily the Windows Genuine Advantage Team quickly responded on their blog.

Microsoft PR is antiquated and dysfunctional, I would like to see them replaced by three core authoritative blogs, Consumer, Enterprise and Developer. 

All of the Teams at Microsoft have blogs now and many influential people within Microsoft blog, so let’s link, discover and optimise them all.


New Intel vPro

August 27, 2007

Intel vPro 2.0

Intel today announced further reinforced desktop PC security on the newest generation of Intel vPro processor technology for enterprise businesses with new innovations that add better protection against hacking, viruses and other threats.

Security features included in this latest Intel vPro processor technology formerly codenamed Weybridge are designed to protect against software-based attacks and also filter and defend against viruses and other threats.

I listened in on an Intel Press Briefing last Thursday on the Weybridge Launch to which there was an embargo agreement not to publish till this morning. Reuters violated the agreement on Friday evening and released three stories outside the jurisdiction of the USA just to get the jump on everyone elce.

Tafiti Search

August 23, 2007


What the world needs now is a search engine that will find the best result for what I’m looking for.

Check-out this new new experimental Search Engine www.tafiti.com it’s from our friends at Live.com. 

A quick search for Paul and I’m not even in the top fifity. The Google gang consistently places me, a dotnet blogger in the top ten – Results 110 of about 420,000,000 for paul

Tafiti looks cool, it’s beta is built on Silverlight.

Not SP1

August 8, 2007

Windows Vista Update

This update resolves issues that may affect some Windows Vista-based computers – video driver issues and networking.

This update improves the reliability of Windows Vista, but it’s not SP1.