MSFT Growth

October 25, 2007

About Face

MSFT share price is heading north after several years of stagnation.

Windows Vista, Microsoft Office system, Windows Server, and SQL Server all  had a fantastic first quarter.

Microsoft PR has done an abysmal job this past year fighting the FUD, shareholders deserve accountability.  

Social Shopping


Mobile Device Manager

October 23, 2007

Mobile Device Manager 2008

This morning at CTIA in sunny San Francisco Steve Ballmer announced Mobile Device Manager 2008

Mobile Device Manager 2008 is a solution that gives organizations enhanced on-device security and over-the-air policy enforcement. It allows IT professionals to more easily manage phones within the organization, and gives mobile employees access to confidential information on corporate networks with firewalls.

Web 2.0

October 15, 2007

Web 2.0 Summit

The Web 2.0 meme celebrates it’s forth anniversary this week in San Francisco at the stimulating Web 2.0 Summit.

Web 2.0 Summit focuses on emerging business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform and defines how the Web will drive business in the future. What began as a focused gathering on the implications of the Web becoming a platform has transformed into an industry event focused on the latest Internet innovations—the services, applications, businesses, and models—that are redefining the way companies do business and how people live.

Windows Live Jive

October 12, 2007

Windows Live Events

Windows Live Events has just been announced two days after we had our Eastern Region developer – designer event. Remix Boston.

What’s really dumbfounding is the Catherine Heller a Windows Live Technical Evangelist was there giving two talks.

I got a chance to talk with Catherine and asked about blogger tools on Live, she didn’t know anything about that; it’s not her group. She didn’t ask for my email saying she’d get back to me. So if a Windows Live Technical Evangelist doesn’t know about what’s going on at Windows Live how are we going to understand what their trying to do?

Facebook is AOL

October 7, 2007


The Web is our Social Network, to me sites like Facebook are a throw back to the days of AOL. All the buzz about valuation and acquisitions have come from the Silicon Valley money tree bloggers who won’t know innovation if it hit them in the face.

For our Web to succeed we need to work on three things; Identify, Tagging and Attention. 

Sites like Facebook, MySpace and SecondLife might tell us they have three million Users, but their not going to tell us their the same million people.

Bungie LLC

October 5, 2007

Bungie Jumps

Bungie and Microsoft today announced a plan for Bungie Studios, the developers of Microsoft’s “Halo” franchise, to become a privately held independent company, Bungie, LLC, in which Microsoft will hold a minority equity interest. As part of this transaction, Bungie and Microsoft have forged a deep and long-term development and publishing relationship focused on the continued success of the “Halo” franchise. It is also the intent of both parties to expand their partnership to include new IP created and owned by Bungie.

The developers at Bungie like so many professional athletes are learning how the game is played.

Office Live Workspace

October 1, 2007

Software Plus Services

I don’t think many people use Google Docs, but yesterday Microsoft announced the start of Office Live Workspace and thus begins Ray Ozzie’s Software plus Services era.