Parallel Programing

December 17, 2007

Software Spiral

We have been preparing for parallel programing since the early days of Intel’s Hyperthreading. Multi-threading applications allow us to do more faster.


Ruby-On-Rails 2.0

December 8, 2007

Rails 2.0

Rails 2.0 is finally finished after about a year in the making. This is a fantastic release that’s absolutely stuffed with great new features, loads of fixes, and an incredible amount of polish. We’ve even taken a fair bit of cruft out to make the whole package more coherent and lean.

Waiting to hear from John Lam about the RubyCLR 2.0

Counciling Bloggers

December 7, 2007

Blog Council

Note that the Blog Council was launched last week with an old fashion Press release and no RSS feed….

Every major corporation is struggling with the question of how to use blogs and engage the blogosphere the right way, Sean O’Driscoll, GM, Community Support Services, Microsoft.

It’s simple Sean, the web is an interactive medium and blogs are the easiest way known to publish and converse with people.

Old fashion PR is just a way to rearrange the language and talk at people, companies who listen to their customers always benefit. 

Corporations who are frightened of anonymous posters need to help us find our way towards a system of Identity on the web.

Internet Explorer Next

December 6, 2007

IE 8

Bill Gates discussed IE8 at the Mix ‘n Mash event on the Microsoft campus yesterday. Bill was talking to some bloggers about IE.Next and called it IE8, the same way they do on the IE team.

There’s a paradox about disclosure, which is when you’re far away from doing something you’re super open; when you’re very close to doing something you’re open; when you’re making your cut list of what you can do and not do, then particularly because — well – Yeah, and so I don’t know where Dean is in terms of if he’s willing to commit what’s in IE 8 and what’s not in IE 8. In terms of standards support, he’ll see that it’s a glass half full. It adds a bunch of new stuff we didn’t have before, it doesn’t add everything that everybody wants us to do. – Bill Gates