Yo Yahoo

January 30, 2008

Yahoo is Still Number One

I wish Yahoo would do more for bloggers, because they haven’t done much since the launch of their feed gadget and the acquisition of Delicious three years ago. I still can’t access Delicious or Flickr on MyYahoo page.

Flickr quickly became popular because of tagging and community, surely more can be done for the blogging community with tagging and the sharing of ad revenue.

Bill Gates on Capitalism

January 24, 2008

Creative Capitalism

Bill should have blogged this himself,  we could have all linked to him and the site could have been sponsored with the proceeds going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That would have  truly been creative capitalism.

Automattic Money

January 23, 2008

WordPress Funded

Congratulations to Matt Mullenweg and Automattic on securing twenty nine and a half million dollars at this point in time when stock prices are sinking.
I’ve met Matt at the SXSW conference several times and it’s just goes to show, if you build it they will come…

EA Battlefield Heroes

January 21, 2008

Battlefield Barbies 

Over 40% of the Korean population are engaged in online games everyday and it’s not a single person sitting isolated at their PC as in EverQuest and World of Warcraft, they play in social groups and they buy stuff in the games.

EA is launching a free download of their new Battlefield Heroes game and they are betting that Americans will want to dress their solders like Barbie Dolls and pay real money for it.

There will also be Ad placement throughout this theatre of war and I don’t know if you can blow-up the virtual billboards or not, we’ll have to download the game to find out!

Abandion PR

January 20, 2008

Three Stories

Apple has one story to tell and it’s to consumers. Microsoft has three stories to tell, the consumer, the enterprise and the developer.
Microsoft PR is pathetic, no one cares for formal Press Releases anymore and the message is often confused because consumers are listening to the enterprise story and the developer dialog drives them crazy.
Microsoft should abandion PR and move to a platform of three authoritative blogs, one for the enthusiastic consumer, another for corporate clients and a third for the developer community.


January 17, 2008

OpenID Yahoo!

This is a big move by Yahoo into the Identify space, something so many people talk about but few actually do anything about.
For to long the Internet has been a place where boys will be girls and girls will be boys, we need an easy and effective way to know who is who.

Sun Buys MySQL

January 16, 2008

It’s the Data

Sun Microsystems the network is the computer company just purchased the open source My SQL for a billion dollars.

MySQL is the M in the LAMP stack; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I wonder is this the billion dollars they receaved from Microsoft last year to settle that Java issue?

Surviving CES

January 13, 2008

Survived CES

This years CES was all about the Bloggers, it was my third year with Press accreditation, but many in the dead tree Press wrote this was the first year bloggers got in; shows you how much they know.

I’m an independent blogger on a budget, members of the Press work for huge conglomerates with big expense accounts. 

I had a hundred requests for meetings, but not one from Microsoft. Microsoft PR has adapted the FEMA tactic of having employees do the reporting. Jeff and Larry of Microsoft’s own on10 were in the Bloghaus, but kept to themselves as the bloggers did what bloggers do; share information and stories. Intel also did their own blogging this year, so they didn’t need to set-up any meetings with a blogger who could link to them.