eBay is Toast

May 13, 2008

eBay Unlawful and Unfair

Jim Buckmaster the CEO of Craigslist has just posted on the Craigslist blog that they are sick and tired of eBay and their not going to take it any more!

Did you say eBay? Yea, I have had issues with eBay, on two occasions I put items up for auction and they were won by guys in Nigeria who said they were woman living in the USA. Ebay gave them my PayPal address and my name and that was all they needed to go on a fishing expedition. With my name and PayPal address and a very good facsimile of a PayPay You have received money email they struck once, then again and again. When I contacted eBay they acted as if I was the n00b who needed instructions on how to buy and sell on the web. The second time this happened ebay froze my account while I had two other items up for auction, because they realised that something funny was going on.


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