Microsoft India is Toast

June 1, 2008

Microsoft India is Lost

The passionate blogger Mini-Microsoft has been receiving comments on his blog from Microsoft employees in India and the picture they paint is bleak.

Reading the comments on Mini’s blog about Microsoft DPE I was nodding in agreement because I’ve met Sanjay Parthasarathy and he’s ultimately responsible for this mess.

I first met Sanjay at the 2004 Microsoft Partner conference in Toronto and he was very pleasant with a big smile as we talked all about Channel9. The following year in Minneapolis I tried to arrange a meeting, but he was too busy giving interviews with the Tech Trade Press. The same happened the next year in Boston, he had meeting after meeting with young woman from the Trade Press, but not with a blogger in the Microsoft developer community. When he saw me at a party he ran away, the next day I passed him in the hall and he gave me a big smile.


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