A Managed Code

July 30, 2008


Midori OS

A non-Windows operating system code named Midori is being architected from the ground-up in managed code.

Midori is an offspring of Microsoft Research’s Singularity OS project and is lead by our old friend from Servers and Tools Eric Rudder.

Midori will be built with an asynchronous-only architecture that is built for task concurrency and parallel use of local and distributed resources, with a distributed component-based and data-driven application model, and dynamic management of power and other resources


Mojave OS

July 29, 2008

Mojave Experiment

The Windows Vista blog has at last shared a video of the much talked about Mojave Experiment.

The Mojave Experiment was an experiment that yielded interesting results. Watch the video and you’ll also find it interesting.

Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation: Microsoft is becoming a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). This sponsorship will enable the ASF to pay administrators and other support staff so that ASF developers can focus on writing great software.

Microsoft will be paying $100,000 a year!


July 23, 2008

SeamlessWeb is a fast, easy way to order food online

It’s convenient and fun to order food online from over 2,000 of the best delivery and takeout restaurants in these 14 cities! 

Keep-up will all the news in food by subscribing to their bolg!

The Vista Picture

July 22, 2008


Windows Vista Story

Windows Vista wasn’t defined by Apple’s TV commercials, it was misunderstood by the so called Marketing Teams at Microsoft.

Windows Vista was created for the next generation of PC’s and not to make your old PC better. I’m writing this blog post on a quad-core Phenom system with two ATI Radeon HD GPU’s, so I love Windows Vista.

MAC’s only have 8.5% market share, so now Microsoft is going to spend 300 million dollars to counter the perception that MAC’s have attained a 60% share of the market rather then promote the next generation of PC’s with better graphics then have ever been seen on any Apple machine.

Yahoo’s Boss

July 10, 2008

Build your Own Search Service

BOSS Build your Own Search Service with the Yahoo web services platform. Developers can now create and launch Web search products by utilizing the same infrastructure and technology that powers Yahoo! Search.

Microsoft’s WPC

July 7, 2008

Microsoft Partner Conference

Paul is not attending the conference formally known as Velocity for the first time in five years. I was the first blogger granted Press credentials into a Microsoft Press Room back at Toronto in ’04 and again in Minneapolis in ’05, Boston in ’06 and last year in Denver.

Everyone is talking about Social Media today, but we had a vibrant Microsoft developer community of bloggers back in ’04. Then the talk was about the New Microsoft, the community and how they listened and got it. Our blogging efforts were affirmed by the Developer Evangelist Team when they established Channel 9.

All has changed, changed utterly. Microsoft PR stopped trusting us and turned the Partner conference, TechEd and Channel 9 into informericals that they can control.

Powerset Acquired

July 1, 2008

Microsoft Acquires Powerset

Just got the news on Twitter from none other then Powerset – Official announcement about Microsoft’s acquisition of Powerset.

Powerset is a new search site that up till now only indexes Wikipedia, but their reach may grow to indexing bloggs, forums and WiKi’s from all around the WWW.