Silverlight on the iPhone

December 14, 2008


Seadragon from Microsoft Live Labs is about changing the way we use screens, from wall-sized to cell phones. In Silverlight graphics and photos are smoothly browsed, regardless of the bandwidth or size of the file.


Online Services Group

December 5, 2008


Online Servicing

I’m pleased that Microsoft has gone back to it’s roots and hired a Technologist to head the Online Services Group, now we just have to figure out what online services are.

MSN wanted to be AOL and Live tried to be Google, so they sign a free agent from Yahoo to find their way on the Web.

Public Data Sets on AWS

December 4, 2008

Public Data Sets

Amazon Web Services today announced Public Data Sets on AWS to provide a centralized repository of public data sets in the cloud. Amazon Web Services is hosting public data sets like the mapping of the Human Genome and the US Census data on Amazon EC2 for free as the Amazon Elastic Block Store.

AWS hopes to help researchers leverage the entire EC2 ecosystem to enable cost-effective innovation.

If you have any interesting data for the AWS community it could be analyzed and interpreted a million ways.