You know MeeGo?

November 1, 2010

I was at the LinuxWorld Summit in New York City on May 25, 2005 when Nokia launched the 770 Internet Tablet and the Maemo platform. They had three devices at their booth and as there was a crowd surrounding them all morning I didn’t get to see them till after lunch and by then their batteries had run down and the three of them were lying there on a table at the Marriott Marquis with a Nokia guy standing at attention informing me there was no charger present. After that he didn’t appear to understand English. Nokia had a representative present at every talk and this was pointed out to me by members of the Linux community.  One speaker pointed out the Nokia employee in the back of the room and told him of his hostility towards Nokia.

I was at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on October 17 2007 when the Nokia N810 was announced. I had lunch with a fellow Tech blogger Marc Orchant and he was very anxious to get his hands on the N810 so we went over to the Nokia area on the second floor of the Palace Hotel and got a demo where our blogs were picked up via Wi-Fi on the device, but the keyboard was so tiny we struggled entering URL’s. It was exciting to see the Maemo OS and though it froze a few times we stuck with it for about an hour.

At the at Mobile World Congress in February 2010 came the announcement: Intel and Nokia Merge Software Platforms for Future Computing Devices Moblin and Maemo merged by some didn’t get the memo. Will Nokia’s Qt make everybody work together? Or will the lack of manpower open the way for .Net AppUp SDK library?

I have a video of a Moblin Netbook by Novell at CES 10

Hopefully we will learn more at the upcoming MeeGo conference in Dublin Eire

Nokia <a href=”″>Life Tools</a>


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