July 23, 2008

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Paul the Man

Its official, I’m the Man, I read it in the newspaper so it must be true, maybe I should call my blog; Paul the Man.

Since I made this video I have been in contact with several members of the League of Woman Voters and the Wyka campaign, so they knew my name, editorial editors are never partisan, are they?

I graduated from Morristown High where I helped establish Radio Station WJSV-FM and played Football.

My only affiliation to the candidates is that I’m a constituent of congressmen Frelinghuysen and he is an embarrassment; the most ineffective member of the 109th Congress, the most ineffective Congress in history.

Tom Wyka is an IT guy, we need more technology savvy people in our government.

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The video tells the true story in contrast to the newspaper account four days after the Forum, it wasn’t a debate as the incumbent refuses to debate anyone or to be recorded anywhere. A newspaper photographer can be seen three times on the video, yet no photo appered in the paper and no mention of the Forum the day after or on Sunday. 

I have 49 minutes of the 60 minute Forum, it’s unedited, recorded openly, hosted on my site and it was halted in violation of the United States Constitution.

9/11 +5

September 17, 2006

Keith Olbermann


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September 3, 2006



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Facism in our time
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