One Year After Yahoo Hack Day

September 29, 2007

Yahoo Hack Day Anniversary

By chance I put on my Yahoo Hack Day t-shirt last night and it reads – Yahoo Hack Day ’06 Sept. 29 – 30.

It was an amazing event that I had hoped would become an annual gathering of imaginative ingenuity and fun.

Yahoo is still the number one destination on the Web, but now Jerry Yang is running the show and he’s 75 days into a 100 day program.


IDF 2007

Intel’s Developer Forum is celebrating it’s tenth year here in San Francisco with the announcement of the worlds first 32 nano meter microprocessor.

It’s still two years away from general availability, but just sixty years since the invention of transistor by Bell Labs in New Jersey.

Thiner, faster and cheeper……


September 18, 2007

Innovation Regulation

Microsoft Ruling May Bode Ill for Other Companies

On Sunday I was in Europe and now I’m in San Francisco, but my body clock is still back in County Kerry Eire.

The photo in todays NYTimes of the Judge with the white powdered wig is priceless….

I’m here for the Intel Developer Forum as are hundreds of other Europeans.