Intel Next Generation

March 29, 2007

Intel at 45nm

Intel Details Upcoming New Processor Generations

Intel Corporation will begin producing its next-generation Penryn family of processors in the second half of this year. These new processors benefit from enhancements to the Intel Core microarchitecture and also Intel’s industry-leading 45nm Hi-k process technology with its hafnium-based high-K + metal gate transistor design, which results in higher performance and more energy-efficient processors.

Six Penryn family processors, including dual and quad-core desktop processors and a dual core mobile processor are all under the Intel Core processor brand name as well as new dual and quad-core server processors.

After Penryn and the 45nm Hi-k silicon technology introduction comes Intel’s next-generation microarchitecture Nehalem slated for initial production in 2008. By continuing to innovate at this rapid cadence, Intel will deliver enormous performance and energy efficiency gains in years to come, adding more performance features and capabilities for new and improved applications.



March 29, 2007

Deepfish Browser

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New mobile web browser – Deepfish!

Microsoft Live Labs has cooked up something exciting!

Cool new technology called Deepfish that gives you a better web experience on your phone or Pocket PC, it’s a free download in CTP all you need is Windows Mobile 5 or 6. So sign-up today!

Elite 360

March 28, 2007

XBOX 360 Elite

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! First look at the Xbox 360 Elite
I need an XBOX 360 Elite NOW!

I’ve had to suspend my XBOX 360 Live account because the subscription card that I have is for XBOX 360 only and I’m still using two original XBOXes.

I have a 37 inch LCD HD TV now, so I need a sleak new XBOX 360 Elite and hey my birthday is coming up in less then two weeks….

More and more the XBOX 360 will become the center of our home entertainment systems with more downloadable content to fill that huge 120-gigabyte hard drive.

The Cable Bill

March 14, 2007



Sue Google

Viacom Sues Google Over Video Clips on Its Sharing Web Site

It’s the end of the web as we know it. Viacom is correct, I went to YouTube to view the Daily Show as did many of you and now somebody is going to pay the cable bill.
YouTube deliberately built up a library of infringing works to draw traffic to the YouTube site, enabling it to gain a commanding market share, earn significant revenues and increase its enterprise value.